Expected Life Cycle

Field Performance Results

How long will the brush seals last in your APH?

As you know, the exact operating conditions in APHs differ from unit to unit even within the same plant. And, the service life of your brush sealing system depends greatly on operating environment and hours of service.

The brush’s elasticity reduces drag and wear usually extending functional service life to over multiple outages, providing consistent sealing 2-5 times longer than standard seals.

Here are some examples of actual installations that can provide a guide to what you might expect.

Mid-2007. Harden Generating Station, Harden, Montana.
On a plant with average availability of 97%, axial and radial stainless steel brush seal were installed on the hot and cold ends of the 119-MW Unit 1 APH. These seals outperformed the original strip steel seals for more than five years after installation. During those five years, the plant was able to postpone two planned APH outages. These seals are expected to continue in service and continue to perform within specification for at least four outage cycles.

2010. Two Additional Installations
Two 8-meter diameter horizontal APH units at 300-MW coal-fired plant in the USA had circumferential and radial Sealeze brush seals installed. In 2014, it is reported that air leakage tests indicate 5% and 7% on these two units. The condition of the brush installed remains good.

2010. Another USA Installation
Radial and axial brush seals installed on a 10-meter diameter vertical APH at a 750-MW coal-fired power plant. After 2.3 million impacts to the sector plates during 11,760 hours of service, the brush seals remain vertically in “as installed condition.”

There are similar results in APHs in coal-fired power plant all over the world.

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