Soot Blower Seals

The opening of a retractable soot blower port will often have a gap, ranging in size from 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch (sometimes larger) allowing leakage. That leakage results in housekeeping issues and localized corrosion.

Sealeze Adaptive Soot Blower Brush Seal

The Sealeze Adaptive Soot Blower Brush Seal is an annular high temperature brush seal that closes the gap while allowing unrestricted motion of the lance tube, minimizing leakage (reducing housekeeping) and minimizing local flue gas condensation corrosion.

The porthole openings on retractable soot blowers are prone to leakage. At temperature, thermal expansion can increase the gap upwards of 1/4 inch or higher. This problem is compounded over time as sliding wear can increase the gap between the soot blower lance and the porthole, allowing excessive leakage. With leakage comes fly ash debris around the boiler and localized flue gas condensation corrosion. While one soot blower port leaking may be minor, when multiplied by the number of soot blowers in a typical installation, the compounded hazards and damage can be significant.

The Sealeze Adaptive Soot Blower Brush Seal is a simple, cost-effective solution. The Soot Blower brush seal is constructed of high-temperature, corrosion resistant filaments in a formed holder designed for mounting directly to the boiler. The Soot Blower brush seals are configured in two 180° arcs that can be quickly installed using the existing bolt holes while the unit is online. The Soot Blower brush seal closes the gap while still allowing full motion of the soot blower lance. This is a simple, low cost solution to minimize leakage that can be utilized in any boiler that uses soot blowers.

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