Turbine Brush Seals

Turbine housing gland seals wear and are usually replaced during planned outages. But, sometimes air-in-leakage from a failing gland seal can be severe enough to cause serious down-rating, or worse, force an unplanned shutdown for repair.

    The Sealeze Power auxiliary, exterior turbine brush seal is designed to provide a temporary solution to this problem. The Sealeze brush seal reduces air-in-leakage, restoring capacity and enabling repair during more manageable and scheduled time. The seal can typically be installed in a just few hours.


An Effective Seal

Brush seals have a long history of providing excellent sealing combined with high reliability. Thousands of filaments, as an aggregate, tightly nestle together creating an extremely dense seal. The inherent high elasticity dissipates stress under deformation, reducing drag, allowing a contact seal without generating heat in the turbine shaft.

XtraSeal brush, EPDM layer exposed

An XtraSeal® is incorporated within the Sealeze turbine brush seal to provide additional sealing. A malleable, solid membrane is imbedded within the brush. This impermeable membrane increases the sealing effectiveness by as much as 80%.

Shaft seals can be provided in single-layer brush or multiple brush-layer configuration

Shaft seals can be provided in single-layer brush or multiple brush-layer configurations for enhanced sealing and extended service life.


The seal ring is constructed in two-pieces for fast, easy installation. Bolt holes are provided so the seal can be simply bolted to the turbine housing. Typically, installation can be done in one shift.

Typical Example
300 MW Westinghouse Tandem-Compound Steam Turbine with severe air in-leakage reducing output capacity 15+MW


  • Sealeze Brush/Membrane Exterior Turbine Shaft Seals
  • Installed July 2010 and August 2010
  • Time to Install: 8 hours per pair


  • Reduced Air In-leakage 83%-96%
  • Restored Vacuum: 1-1.5" HgA
  • Returned Unit to Full Capacity
  • Avoided Unit De-rate of 10-15MW
  • Postponed a $90,000, multi-week, turbine housing gland seal replacement to desired outage time frame.

Click here for more information on the Sealeze Turbine Brush Sealing System (PDF)