Magnetic Mount Brush Seal smallIt’s not uncommon to hear about the leakages in intricate areas, where normal-mounting methods using fasteners is impractical.

We can reach those spots with our novel magnetic-mounting technology and prevent loss of energy, be it an excessive gap around your portholes, labyrinth seal failure or any other.

Our innovative magnetic-mount brush seals offer ease of mounting with of course uncompromised leakage prevention as always.


Pin Rack Seal small

Solution for the longing problem of incomplete sealing around the pin-rack, OEMs were unsuccessful in providing the air-to-gas leakage prevention in this critical area.

The gap around the pin-rack often times in the range of 11”, which is an underestimated contributor to the leakage as the gap is on the outer radius.

Our innovative adaptive pin-rack sealing technology provides uncompromised leakage prevention around the pin-rack and enable your air preheater operates efficiently.